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Kratos Tracking Co.,Ltd. a subsidiary of Kratos Co.,Ltd was incorporated in 2005 in Thailand as a System Integrator providing GPS Tracking system for fleet management. With 13 years of experience, we have established as a leading company in Thailand with our own manufacturing of hardware on a platform designed to link with variety of electronic products and accessories for In-vehicle installation. Our software team develops in house program for monitoring vehicles, catering to customize reports for customers to meet their needs and requirements. All Software systems can be integrated with various program platform in accordance to the needs of each and every organization and industry for maximum benefit.
Our team of executives pledge and are committed to developing products in enhancing highest level of customers’ service and satisfaction.
Transforming the way of fleet monitoring & management, updating what you need to know 24/7 in connection via latest technology on tracking telemetry with updates and reports on our applications.
Business Target
To develop and provide our clients with access to what they need to know via intelligent monitoring, management software and mobile applications on real-time 24/7. Using latest technology and tracking telemetry to enhance efficiency and productivity in business operation to enable a smooth decision making process. Latest information available to avoid and prevent business interruption to facilitate higher level of productivity.
With On-line cameras, various IoT sensors and other accessories, it provides solution for driving safety with telematics detection and reporting system for maximum benefit to all parties.